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Our exclusive magazine racks in over 800 trendy locations: trendshops, boutiques, all mayor musicshops, bars, restaurants, lounges, clubs, concertlocations and cultural centres.



We distribute your advertising media or giveaways at the right time, in the right place, directly to your chosen target groups. Or, if you wish to create public awareness, we can aim for a variety of people from different backgrounds, according to your specifications.

After a friendly takeover of Swiss Distribution Service AG in march 2004 we are now leader in the Swiss market of free magazine distribution. Through a massive expansion of our infrastructure we have the power to manage every challenge in distribution. But even when handling large quantities we trust in our principals: the distribution is always realised very targeted in your chosen target group. Our flyer dispensers, magazine racks and contract locations are under an intensive care and visited several times a week by our promoters. Thereby we reach a very high visibility of your product.

We distribute many lifestyle magazines and newspapers e.g.

and many more Swiss newspapers and magazines

Mailings and letterbox drop

No time to manage your mailings? Save your precious time and let us do it for you. Our team will be pleased to assist you, even at very short notice.
Thinking of doing a letterbox drop with unadressed leaflets? We cover the specified areas for you, anywhere in Switzerland.

Car drivers as target group

Want to target car owners? We can put your flyers underneath windscreen wipers. See under specials

Any areas, anywhere in Switzerland.

We distribute your

Flyer (into own dispensers)
Cards for free (own network)
Monthly program

and other promotional material