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prime locations
covering the whole country in- and outdoor
reasonable conditions
Flyer, leaflet, postcard, sticker, brochure, booklet, program, magazine, newspaper, display, dispenser, sample or other advertising media


Our flyer distribution service is unsurpassed and comprises tailor-made distribution tours, locally and nationally. These tours are designed to specifically address your target group and are spread broadly at the same time to create public awareness. Even a relatively low number of flyers is effective if they reach the right people at the right time. That's exactly our job, to deliver the knowledge of all the different type of target groups. We distribute your flyers in popular meeting places such as restaurants, bars, trend shops, music stores, boutiques, book stores, libraries, hotels, cinemas, theatres, high schools, universities, cultural centres, shopping malls, fitness centres and many more, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Indoor distribution

Our experienced teams will distribute your advertising media several times a week in suitable indoor locations. These very frequent visits guarantee maximum impact. Our tours count more locations than those of other flyer companies, but it is still our philosophy to reach as many people as possible instead of just distributing a high number of flyers. No other flyer company in Switzerland can boast similiarly experienced teams of culturally aware distributors covering such a large area. Our adviser team consists of professional artists, actors, musicians, DJ's and concert promoters. These are the people who know the local cultural scenes better than anyone else. Plus you can benefit of our 38 years of experience in this field.

Hand to hand distribution and sampling

We distribute your advertising media at the right time in the right place directly to the right people. This could be in front of a concert hall, after a theatre performance, at a sporting event, near schools or universities, in a shopping malls, a restaurant or simply on the most busy streets. We can organise the whole distribution for you, including any necessary permits from the local authorities.

MASANI's Cards For Free

Let your high-quality postcards be distributed in Switzerland's number one locations.
The over 600 trendy sites are located in the following locations: bars, restaurants, coffeeshops, boutiques, music shops, trendy stores and clubs. Obtain large and valuable contacts for a small budget. Through to our own network of dispensers in over 600 locations, we are reaching your target group in every major town of Switzerland with in the perfect surrounding. The postcards can be designed both ways at your wishes. If required we do the production, or you deliver them ready for the distribution.

Frequent Flyer Program

Let your flyer fly with Propaganda. The Frequent Flyer Program not only allows you to distribute your flyer specifically to your target group, but after a certain amount it is even free of charge. Collect flyer instead of miles and you fly for free with Propaganda. Every flyer, postcard, monthly program or brochure counts. If you reach a certain amount, you will get your distribution for free.