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We know the local cultural scene of every Swiss town inside out and can accurately address your specific target groups. We have the experience and expertise to organise your entire campaign, from the concept to the big success!

Please contact us for more detailled information on concepts, production and effective placement of your advertising media. Right time, right place. Don't leave it to chance.

Combine different effective ambient media to a powerful media mix.

Guerilla package
Same as in the classic media like TV and newspapers, you can combine media in the below the line and ambient media area.
Reach the opinion leaders and thereby influence the rest of the young urban population. Our guerilla package aims at your audience. Ideal for the launch of a new product, the relaunch of a known brand, or just to raise the street credibility within the young and active target group.

Four products - one success
Flyer distribution

Target group targets target group
To be successful, we select the promotors that fit into the target group, by being part of them. They speak the same language, dress the same code and know their desires.



20 Minuten: 5 x a week
20 Minuten week: once a week
The Guide: monthly

Crossmedia cooperation with the No 1 newspaper of Switzerland

Together with your poster and flyer advertising we recommend to place an extremely convenient ad in 20 Minuten to be booked directly through us. You can place it in the local edition of Zurich, Berne, Basel, Lucerne or St. Gallen, or in all 5 towns. You will reach over 948'000 readers, according to the Wemf 2005 survey. The weekly 20 Minuten Week reaches more than 263'000 readers. Once a month there is the small and thematic The Guide with a release of 110'000 copies.

All ads in "20 Minuten" are printed in full colour.

The formats are: 1/16 page, 1/8 page, 1/4 page, half or full page tabloid. Deliver the grafics to us via E-Mail, and we do the rest. Please contact us for a free estimate or for more informations. The extremely low price is given to cultural customers, parties, concerts, theatres, events. For commercial products we have a very interesting 20 Min guerilla package that combines guerilla marketing and ads in 20 Minuten.

Save time and money, by using multiple advertising channels through one provider.