Ambient Media as a category of Out of Home advertising emerged in the 1990s, when the world of marketing was looking for alternative ways to reach out to large range oriented media such as print, TV, radio and billboard advertising. What was initially referred to as special advertising, guerrilla, niche or below-the-line marketing, has now formed under the term Ambient Media and encompasses a wide range of advertising options with an affinity to specific target groups.

Ambient Media includes the target group-specific placement of posters, the distribution of flyers and magazines in the centre of life of the respective target groups as well as the placement of advertising messages on placemats and beer coasters, exciting live marketing promotions and sampling, eye-catching guerrilla marketing campaigns and other special forms of advertising. There are almost no limits to the variety of advertising solutions: Would you like to address students at universities? No problem. Looking for advertising opportunities in ethnic meeting places? We will be happy to advise you. Cultural advertising in alternative hotspots? We know where it fits.

Target group instead of wastage

The name says it all: the ambience describes the specific environment and milieu in which someone lives and travels every day. As it became increasingly difficult to reach the target group via the standard channels of print, TV, radio and billboards, Ambient Media took place in the target group’s direct living environment. The direct living area includes restaurants, take-aways, bars as well as supermarkets and schools. For more information on advertising opportunities in schools, see Campus Ad under the link Hochschulwerbung. The new forms of outdoor advertising follow the target group and aim to address a target audience with minimal wastage in their living spaces.

Advertising campaigns

We organize your Ambient advertising campaign from the idea, through the realisation to the big success. Through our best knowledge of the local cultural scenes we can place your advertising media optimally and very specifically. Without wastage you will inevitably reach your customers.

Let us advise you on eye-catching creation, cost-effective production and sensible placement of your advertising material. Combine our effective ambient advertising media with each other in order to achieve the desired advertising impact with the target group.