– Ethnic Marketing for foreigners in Switzerland –

We reach people with an immigrant background, newly immigrated as well as the large group of foreigners who have lived here for a long time, and secondos with advertising in their native language. This way, your advertising addresses the target group in a very personal way and is received positively. This enables you to get in direct contact with the target group and to realise a successful advertising campaign.

Swiss people with a migration background and all foreigners together make up more than 38% of the permanent Swiss resident population. These colourful population groups are constantly growing, they consume a lot, spend their money and are therefore a very exciting target group.

Advertising Material

Advertising media tailored to the ethnic characteristics of your target groups
A large number of foreigners and people with a migration background still practice their original culture, speak their own language and each ethnic group cultivates national, cultural, religious and linguistic characteristics. They often move in their own communities, which need to be known before successful advertising is possible. This is exactly where we start with ethno advertising and ethno marketing.
We place your posters combined with flyers or brochures in ethnic meeting places tailored to your target group. Combined with advertising on placemats, sampling promotions or, depending on the target group, advertising in mobile toilets on construction sites, the contacts are multiplied many times over.

Ethnic Locations of Your Target Group

Ethno advertising allows you to address selected language groups in a very personal way without wastage. Advertise your product or service in the language of your target group, where they eat and drink, where they go out, dance and laugh, where they shop and meet – in their cultural centres or simply in their food and drink hotspots.

Depending on the language group, it is worth focusing on selected cities and language regions. For example, African people who come from the Maghreb and former French colonies have settled primarily in Geneva and Lausanne, while people from former English or Italian colonies tend to settle in larger towns in German-speaking Switzerland. The Turkish target group is clearly concentrated in Zurich and Basel. And for Tamil people of Sri Lanka, in addition to Zurich, a distribution in Berne should definitely be planned.

We would be pleased to advise you on the optimal planning and location mix tailored to your specific target group.

Ethnowerbung Zielgruppen

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Ethnowerbung - Werbung für in der Schweiz lebende Ausländer

Do you have any questions about the ideal combination of advertising media, the appropriate formats and the ideal locations? Send us your inquiry or call us. We will be happy to advise you and look forward to your order, which we will execute with maximum advertising impact. Your success is also our success.