– Your advertising material in the gastronomy –

With Gastro advertising and gastronomy marketing we place your advertising in the restaurants, bars, pubs, cafés and hotels and address your audience exactly where they are having lunch, getting a snack, meeting for a after work beer, celebrating parties or going out for a fine meal. With us you will find the right advertising medium to address your target group in restaurants, bars and cafés:

  • Placemats: Large advertising space and a very broad sphere of activity
  • Beer coasters: linking your advertising message with a refreshing drink
  • Sugar sachets: convey your advertising during a cosy moment of enjoyment
  • Matches: Up to 50 contacts per matchbox
  • Serviettes: Inexpensive and indispensable for any table
  • Pizza boxes: Your advertising delivered directly to target group homes

  • Restaurant am See in Zürich

Target Groups

We guarantee a target group-affine distribution in restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels and take-aways, so that your target audience inevitably engages intensively with your marketing message. Would you like to reach cyclists, for example? We can supply restaurants on cycle routes with attractive placemats for you. Or your target group is managers and decision-makers? Sugar sachets and matchboxes in noble cafés and business lunch restaurants are the right choice. Is it rather young people you would like to address? We have lifestyle and trend restaurants in all urban cities for the deployment of your advertising material.

Selection of Locations

Whether nationally or only in selected towns or regions – depending on the target audience and desired region, we will select the appropriate venues and locations for you. We implement a national campaign for each language region as follows:

German talking region of SwitzerlandZurich, Basel, Bern, Lucerne, St. Gallen, WinterthurAarau, Baden, Biel, Solothurn, Olten, Chur, Schaffhausen and other cities70%
French SwitzerlandGeneva, LausanneFribourg, Neuchâtel, Yverdon, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Montreux20-25%
Italian SwitzerlandLuganoLocarno, Bellinzona, Chiasso, Ascona5-10%

In addition to Swiss cities, the advertising media can also be distributed in the countryside, in holiday resorts or winter sports areas. We would be happy to advise you on the appropriate strategy and combination of advertising media, feasibility, production costs and lead times for the individual advertising media.

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Do you have any questions about Gastro advertising media and the ideal locations? Send us your inquiry or call us. We are pleased to advise you and keep focused on your success.