Guerilla Marketing, the enfant terrible of the advertising scene, surprises and amazes again and again with innovative advertising activities: Stickers that decorate walls in urban environments and floor stickers that encourage people to take part; a sea of bicycle seat covers right in front of the station or at the university that inevitably convey your advertising message; environmentally friendly advertising on bicycles circulating through the city centres …

Guerrilla marketing has (almost) no limits and in combination with social media, content marketing and PR communication gets even more effective. Please find below a few of our popular guerrilla marketing measures.


Advertisements on stickers are inexpensive, have a long lasting advertising effect and enjoy among young people high street credibility. The colourful stickers and labels, which are an integral part of urban culture, are perfect as a supporting advertising channel for album and film releases. Whether in the Langstrassenquartier in Zurich, Kleinbasel in Basel or the Quartier du Flon in Lausanne – placed at eye level, stickers adorn the trendy districts of all Swiss cities, reaching a young, urban target audience.

Depending on where the stickers are placed, they can also reach many other target groups. Alternatively, stickers can also be decorated with living flowers or other small gifts, thus becoming an eye-catcher and positively surprising passers-by.

Bike Caps

Bicycle saddle covers, so-called Bike Caps, printed with your logo and slogan, are attached to bicycles in parking lots at train stations, universities, open-air swimming pools or other locations, thus protecting the bicycle seat from rain. Bike Caps appeal not only to the owners of the bicycles but also to passers-by and, due to their useful character, are used again and again, which makes your advertising message reverberate for a long time.

Advertising on Cars

Whether branded ice scrapers, flyers, which are attached under the windscreen wiper or to suction cups on car windows, eye-catching magnetic stickers or the placement of an informative goodie bag (bag with small gifts) on the side mirror on the driver’s side – advertising possibilities on cars are manifold and the engagement with your advertising is guaranteed. Depending on the target group, the focus can be placed on certain car brands, regions or car types, such as family cars, when fitting out cars standing in the open.


Similar to stickers, post-its are placed in the open at cars, ticket machines, traffic light posts, front doors and other suitable locations, and inevitably catch the eye of the target group. If they are interested, your target group can take the Post-its with your advertising message directly with them and have the most important information immediately at hand. Ideally, Post-its should be printed in such a way that they are perceived as a personal message, which guarantees that they are seen and studied.


Eye-catching outdoor advertising? Surprise with a sea of helium-filled balloons on well-frequented squares and, in good weather, in parks and lakeside promenades. Equip your branded balloons with an informative flyer or a winning postcard and reach your target audience in a pleasant way.
If your target group is children and their parents, the balloons can also be distributed directly from hand to hand in a pedestrian zone. Your advertising will then continue to walk through the city completely free of charge.

Floor Adhesive and Floor Stickers

With original floor stickers or floor minders, we place your advertising message in the way of your target group. From brand stickers or signposts to funny bouncing games: The use of floor stickers as advertising media is versatile and can be individually designed and placed to match your project. Of course we pay attention to a very high quality of the stickers so that they remain absolutely slip-proof even in the rain.

Bike Marketing

Let your advertising circulate through Swiss city centres and attract the attention of passers-by. Rickshaws and bicycle-taxis are not only environmentally friendly, but are also the perfect means of transport to present your advertising message to a wide audience. The mobile advertising space is the perfect marketing channel to advertise a new shop opening, a pop-up store or an exhibition. In addition to your advertising message, the bicycle-taxi transports interested visitors directly to your shop door or venue.

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Further measures

There are (almost) no limits to guerrilla marketing measures: amaze potential customers with the installation of oversized figures, amaze night lovers with eye-catching guerrilla projections on house walls, arouse the interest of potential customers with chalk graffiti on busy sidewalks or multiply your advertising impact with a PR stunt. We would be pleased to work with you to develop the right guerrilla advertising for your target group and product.

Do you have questions about the ideal combination of advertising media, the appropriate format and the ideal locations? Send us your inquiry or call us. We are happy to advise you and look forward to your order, which we will carry out with maximum advertising impact. Your success is also our success.

Do you have any questions about the successful combination of advertising media, the suitable formats and the ideal locations? Send us your inquiry or call us. We will be happy to advise you and look forward to your order, which we will execute with maximum advertising impact. Our goal is always to focus on your success.