– Distribution Network of Advertising Postcards –

MASANI’s Cards For Free
Have your high-quality free postcards or promotional postcards – so-called Cards for free – distributed in our national distribution network of over 500 trendy locations in bars, restaurants, cafés and other hotspots. Unusual subjects, cool slogans and artistic graphics animate to take away, voluntarily find their way into the homes of the target group and thus guarantee a lasting interaction with your advertising message. Our distribution staff is permanently on the road in all major Swiss cities to check, refill and maintain the postcard dispensers.
You can design your postcards freely on both sides, but we recommend that you retain the postcard character. If you wish, we can take care of the production for you; however, you can also deliver existing postcards for distribution, ideally in landscape format.
Interested in a wider coverage? Combine a distribution of the postcards in the MASANI’S dispenser network with the more than 3’500 flyer (and postcard) dispensers throughout Switzerland and multiply the advertising impact many times over.

  • Werbung mit Duftpostkarte von Nivea

Fragrance Cards
Convey your advertising message via two senses: visual and olfactory. This way your advertising message does not “evaporate” as quickly, adheres twice and becomes a tangible experience. By rubbing lightly on the postcard, an intensive scent unfolds, which can be produced in almost any fragrance. Hundreds of different scents are available and new scents can be created on request. A popular medium with a lasting effect, especially suitable for products that you should smell. In short – simply scented!

Frau schreibt Gratispostkarte

Do you have any question about the ideal combination of cards for free and other advertising media, the appropriate formats and the ideal locations? Send us your inquiry or call us. We are happy to advise you.