With our far-reaching poster network with more than 3,000 advertising spaces, we offer attractive advertising spaces in DIN A2 format throughout Switzerland. Our exclusive poster sites are located at bus and tram stops, in shopping arcades and at highly frequented places and meeting points. The poster sites are available to projects with cultural as well as commercial content. Our standard poster format for outdoor advertising is DIN A2 (42 x 59,4 cm), but we also offer occasional poster sites in DIN A1, DIN A0 and F4 formats.

In addition to our wide range of outdoor advertising, we also place posters in DIN A2 and DIN A3 formats semi-indoor and indoor. With Out of Home targeting, tailored to your target group, we put your posters and billboards in the entrance area (“semi-indoor”) and indoor area (“indoor”) of selected locations.

We place posters in cafés, restaurants, bars, clubs, boutiques, specialized shops, music shops, shopping malls, cultural centres, hairdressing salons, fitness centres, theatres, cinemas, schools, universities, sports facilities, hotels and other suitable locations. In addition to our high-reaching outdoor poster panels, we also offer the possibility to advertise very specifically with indoor posters in the hot spots of your target audience.

Advantages of small posters over large posters::

  • Less expensive than large poster campaigns
  • Poster network-independent
  • Targeted to specific groups
  • Low scattering loss
  • Short-term feasibility (2 weeks instead of months)
  • High street credibility among young people

Shall we organise the production of the posters? We would be happy to make you a suitable offer. You can find more information on the individual poster formats and print specifications at PRODUCTION.

Cultural Poster Sites

Various cities in Switzerland offer cultural poster sites on public land. These official poster sites are used exclusively for displaying posters with cultural content and are the perfect advertising space for promoting events and functions of all kinds: concerts, parties, trade fairs, festivals, music and film releases, theatre performances, readings, exhibitions and gallery openings.

In best locations, often in the vicinity of train, tram and bus stops and on large squares, your posters are pasted so that they are clearly visible on the cultural poster pillars or billboards and are thus protected from tearing down. The agreed display period of each individual poster is thus guaranteed.

In the city of Zurich we have 157 poster pillars at our disposal, which we manage on behalf of the city with small posters in DIN A2 format. The cultural poster pillars are perfect for establishing a presence throughout the city and are located in all major squares and prime locations such as around the main railway station, at Bellevue, at Oerlikon railway station, in the Niederdorf, Bellevue and Bürkliplatz.

We also have such cultural poster sites in various other Swiss cities.
Number of poster sites in different cities:

Basel 500, Bern 400, Lucerne 400, St. Gallen 100, Winterthur 50, Zug 40, Aarau/Baden/Olten 100, Biel 80, Geneva 800, Lausanne 300, Fribourg 80 and in other cities and regions.

Poster Boards and Panels

We have a large poster network of exclusive boards and panels. Placed in very good passer-by locations, the billboards are just as suitable for advertising cultural events as they are for promoting new products and services and political advertising.

In addition to the high-impact billboards, we also affix posters to construction sites on public land where the billposting is officially authorized. Construction sites on public land are reserved exclusively for cultural advertising. Construction walls on private ground are also suitable for product advertising.

The standard format is DIN A2 vertical, but larger formats such as DIN A1 horizontal or occasionally DIN A0 can also be used by arrangement.

Poster Showcases

Our poster display cases and poster windows are located in the best passers-by’ locations in the cities, including Shopville in Zurich’s main station. The 30 poster showcases illuminated at night are ideal for strengthening your presence in Zurich. They are eye-catchingly placed and are known and highly regarded as popular information points.

These advertising windows are managed exclusively by us and are available for product marketing and election advertising in addition to cultural advertising. We have such poster display cases in all major cities. The standard format is DIN A2 high. By arrangement, individual formats up to a maximum of DIN A0 or F4 can be used.

Poster Frames Semi-indoor

As a supplement to our exclusive poster outlets, we carry a wide network of poster frames, which are located outside at the entrance of restaurants, bars, shops and stores and are therefore, compared to poster frames inside, also clearly visible from the outside.

The semi-indoor poster frames are the perfect complement to our small poster network. Because in addition to passers-by, people visiting the respective location are also addressed directly. The exclusive locations offer advertising space for cultural events as well as products and services.

Poster Frames Indoor

Small posters, ideally in DIN A3 or DIN A2 format, are displayed inside our network of over 350 poster frames in cafés, restaurants, bars, lounges, concert venues, trend shops, music stores, boutiques, libraries, bookstores, hairdressing salons, hotels, cultural centers, theaters, cinemas, shopping malls and other meeting places.

In addition to the poster display, we offer additional advertising space on our various flyer displays and magazine dispensers in the hippest venues and trend shops. Exactly at eye level, the dispensers offer space for your poster advertising and are perfect in combination with a distribution of your flyers. Reinforce the impact of your poster campaign by combining outdoor and indoor posters.

Free Indoor & Half-Indoor Posting

You want to reach a certain target audience offline, but don’t know where to find them? This is exactly where our strength lies. In addition to an indoor poster display in poster frames and various displays, we can also place posters in suitable locations in the cash desk area, at the entrance or near the bar counter in the restaurant. Our staffs with many years of experience and a feel for trends knows all the hip locations and hot spots in your region and knows where you can best reach your target group.

Would you like to reach a sports-oriented audience? We place your poster in sports facilities and sports shops in a highly visible position. For example, we can target athletes with poster advertising in cloakrooms, display cases and on notice boards in the entrance area and at the club kiosk in football clubs.

Children and their parents as a target group? With small posters and flyers in toy shops, ludotheques, day-care centres, family-friendly cafés and restaurants, second-hand shops and community centres; your advertising message will inevitably find its way to the little ones and their parents.

We would be happy to advise you, tailored to your target group, in which locations poster and flyer advertising makes the most sense for you.

Wild posting

Although various major Swiss cities have replaced wild or fly posting with the offer of exclusive small poster sites, the free placement of posters, so-called wild posting, in selected Swiss cities as well as in the agglomeration and in the countryside continues to be possible and is still a very popular advertising measure.

Our field staff will attach your small posters in DIN A2 format to approved poster panels at bus stops, car parks, open spaces in the village centre such as electrical boxes and billboards of the municipalities, to houses, restaurants, shops and barns.

Would you like to address the streams of visitors at major events, e.g. at Zurich’s Letzigrund, Wankdorf Stadium in Berne or the Stade de Genève in Geneva? We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities for outdoor displays at major events in the respective Swiss cities.

Posters at festivals

No other country has such a high density of festivals and open-airs as Switzerland. So why not target ten thousands of good-humoured music fans and festival visitors with your advertising message? We place your posters in and in the direct vicinity of festivals, making them highly visible, and replenish them continuously.

Poster advertising at festivals can be ideally combined with sampling promotions and flyer distribution to achieve an even higher advertising pressure on the target group. Do you have a specific festival or open-air event where you would like to be present with your brand presence? We would be happy to advise you about the respective advertising possibilities at the festivals.


Surprise your target group with a large-format, attractive advertisement on banners made of weatherproof material. The advertising banners are perfect for pointing out events, expositions, parties and functions in rural areas, but also for gaining advertising presence on a specific outdoor spot over a longer period of time.

We recommend banner formats between 40 x 200 cm up to 70 x 300 cm. We are happy to take over the production of the banners for you – on weatherproof and reusable PVC material. The production costs of these banners came down during the past years.

Do you have any questions about the successful combination of advertising media, the suitable formats and the ideal locations? Send us your inquiry or call us. We will be happy to advise you and look forward to your order, which we will execute with maximum advertising impact. Our goal is always to focus on your success.