Turn your brand into an experience and surprise your target audience with our variety of promotions and live communication solutions. Whether with a classic sampling promotion at railway stations or on public grounds, an eye-catching stand campaign in large Swiss railway stations, sales-promoting merchandising, trade fair or POS presence, a flash mob individually staged for you or an eye-catching road show: with our versatile range of live marketing and event communication services, your brand or product can be emotionally experienced.

Sampling Promotion with Give-aways

Our likeable promoters and hostesses distribute your flyers and give-aways at suitable locations at the right time and in line with your target group directly from hand to hand. On request, we are pleased to distribute them in front of a concert venue, after a theatre performance, at sports events and festivals, at universities, in front of shopping centres, bathing facilities, cinemas, restaurants, in pedestrian zones, shopping centres, railway stations and other suitable locations.

Through direct contact with the target group, our promotion staffs actively convey your advertising message, can argue in your interests, professionally answers questions and make your product come alive with the delivery of individually branded give-aways. After all, nothing is more convincing than a product you can try out for yourself.

Our promoters and hostesses see themselves not only as an “extended arm” that has to distribute, but also as a “head” that can argue in your interest and thus keep the product orientated motivation high.

Sampling promotion captivates through direct contact with the target group. It is therefore important to convey the characteristics of the brand and the product authentically. Thanks to our many years of experience, we will be pleased to advise you on where you can reach your target audience most effectively, at what time and with what promotional gift. We will accompany you from the development of ideas, personnel recruitment, nationwide coordination of deployment and operational implementation to the reporting and evaluation.

Increase of product awareness
Direct customer approach
Forced support for sales
Sustainable increase in consumer demand
Our Service:
Switzerland-wide operational coordination
obtain all permits
Selection, deployment and training of staff
Equipment handling and logistics
Control of the promotion

Stand Promotion and Events

With individually developed stand promotions and events, we stage unforgettable brand appearances for your brand and product. Together with professionals from the fields of room staging and shop fitting, event technology companies and professional logistics firms, we develop exclusive stand solutions for you to surprise passers-by on promotion areas in railway stations, airports and shopping centres, to arouse their interest and to make your product experience all its facets.

And the best thing is: We take care of your advertising presence from A to Z and offer everything from one source.


With a Sandwichman operation, you are guaranteed the attention of passers-by: The so-called Sandwichmen (men or women) carry your poster as a walking billboard through the city centre, strolls through busy pedestrian zones, mingles with the people and thus attracts attention.

We will be pleased to advise you on the possible applications. We take care of the permits and the construction of the poster boards for you, so that you can concentrate fully on the advertising message. In combination with a parallel sampling campaign, the strong advertising effect of the sandwichman is reinforced.

Club Promotion in Bars and Clubs

We are also on the road for you outside normal working hours and mingle with the young and trendy target audience in the night and on weekends. A club promotion around hip clubs, pubs, cinemas, bars and the hot spots in town enables you to address trendsetters, partygoers and influencers directly and authentically.

We scout the right locations, the perfect scene staffs and design an emotional experience to make your brand a tangible experience.

Trendy outfits, cool give-aways, witty actions and evocative performances ensure a positive approach to your target group and thus a massive advertising impact.

Office Promotions

Our friendly promoters or hostesses stop by selected companies and businesses and amaze employees with a special treat or other snack. The packed baskets, for example filled with croissants, chocolate and informative flyers about your event or product, find their way directly into the office of these companies. So you are definitely the number one topic of conversation during the coffee break.

This advertising measure is particularly suitable for targeted B2B communication. But it can also be used to visit the teacher’s room in schools during the 10 am break.

Sales Promotion at POS

80% of all purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. Therefore it is important to increase the experience value of your product and to stand out positively from the competition with product-trained, sales-oriented personnel and an emotional brand presence.

Our experienced promotion and sales staff ensures an immediate increase in sales, customer loyalty and lasting brand loyalty through professional consultations and suitable sales promotion activities, also in the context of degustation and product presentation.

Do you have any questions about the successful combination of advertising media, the suitable formats and the ideal locations? Send us your inquiry or call us. We will be happy to advise you and look forward to your order, which we will execute with maximum advertising impact. Our goal is always to focus on your success.