Toilet Posters

With poster and sticker advertising, well visibly placed in the toilets of the hippest bars and clubs in town, or in selected cafes and restaurants, your advertising message will inevitably find its way to potential customers.

We can place your special advertising on the entrance doors, in the lavatory, on mirrors, over washbasins and urinals as you wish. It is suitable for many products from the health and beauty sector and is perfect for reaching a young, party-orientated audience or for gender-specific communication campaigns.

Advertising Space in Alpamare

After a successful cooperation, we have been the official advertising partner of the Alpamare Waterpark in Pfäffikon SZ, one of the largest indoor adventure pools in Switzerland, since 2008.

The Alpamare offers a wide range of advertising opportunities in changing cabins, valuables lockers, wardrobe cabinets and on skid bobs as well as lift door and window branding, sampling promotions and many other marketing forms. It’s ideal for the target group families with children.

Take-One Boxes

Take-One boxes with your logo and advertising slogan filled with sweets, chewing gum, branded matchboxes or other small promotional items will delight your target group. We place the Take-One boxes in suitable locations in the gastronomy, hotel industry, boutiques and other suitable meeting places.

It’s a very popular special advertisement format that goes down well. Through our continuous replenishment of the locations, we ensure that your advertising message remains visible and in limelight.

Blocks of Ice

Attract the attention of passers-by with frozen objects in crystal clear blocks of ice of a certain size. Whether food, vouchers, mobile phone or flowers –almost everything can be frozen. Organise your live marketing event, for example, with an ice block competition and let passers-by chop and pick attractive prizes from the ice.

The ice block advertising can be realized in any season, not only in winter but also in summer. The emotional confrontation with your brand is secure and in combination with social media the advertising campaign can be processed cross-medially.

Shirt Hanger Advertising

Cloth hangers equipped with your advertising message are used for dry cleaning and reach your target group directly when collecting the clean shirts and clothes. The shirt hangers are provided with your advertising message at many dry cleaners and are handed over to the customers by the dry cleaners.

The shirt hanger can be equipped with a perforated flyer or with a card and an additional product sample, e.g. a small cream tube.

Toi Toi Advertising on construction Sites

We also offer advertising space in the mobile toilets TOI TOI to attract your target group on construction sites. The mobile toilets nowadays are professionally cleaned and sanitized every week, that’s why they are always fresh and clean, and are used hundreds of times a week. The target group usually spends a few minutes in the toilets, that’s why the advertising is very well perceived.

You can thus reach craftsmen, construction workers, small entrepreneurs in the construction sector and construction managers. Depending on the target group, poster advertising in the mobile toilet cabins is the perfect complement to classic ethno advertising.

Do you have any questions about the successful combination of advertising media, the suitable formats and the ideal locations? Send us your inquiry or call us. We will be happy to advise you and look forward to your order, which we will execute with maximum advertising impact. Our goal is always to focus on your success.