Follow the development of PROPAGANDA Inc. year after year and discover the names of some of our prestigious clients for whom we have had the opportunity to work and whose advertising campaigns we have successfully implemented.


January – For Vivobarefoot, we distributed funny postcards to announce the opening of the new store in the old town of Bern. On the opening weekend, friendly sandwichmen circulated through the city centre as mobile promotion teams and encouraged passers-by to visit the new store with discount vouchers.


December – For KITAG we conduct an emotional sampling promotion with popcorn and vouchers at Bern train station. Various cultural posters for Christmas and New Year concerts decorate our cultural poster sites.

November – With a nationwide poster campaign we advertise the new album release of Coldplay. For the Aids Hilfe Schweiz we are equipping MASANI’S Cards for Free network with attractive postcards.

October – In combination with a raffle, our promoters distribute over 1’000 kg of dry fruit and nuts for Sanagate insurance at universities. For the Volvo Art Session we implement a large poster advertising campaign.

September – For an image campaign for Bombay Gin we mingle with the party crowd and place posters around clubs and bars. For the national Climate demonstrations 2019 we mobilise demonstrators with targeted posters.

August – For the 10th anniversary of the Exil Club we advertise with cultural posters. We support the artist Ruth Erdt in the planning and installation of a xtra large art installation in Zurich. We draw attention to the new theatre season with a special poster for the Schauspielhaus.

July – For Ed Sheeran’s new album, we surprise people in open-air swimming pools and lakes with a guerilla marketing campaign. We help to raise awareness of safe mountain hiking for the federal centre for accident prevention by advertising in mountain regions.

June – We implement a nationwide personnel recruitment campaign for SWISS Airlines. To mark the launch of the FILMO streaming platform, we stage a wide-ranging campaign with original cultural posters.

May – For FOOD Zurich, the largest food festival in Switzerland, we distribute magazines and journals in trendy locations. Our friendly promoters support the opening of the Maxi Bazaar in Lucerne with an effective flyer sampling.

April – On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Circus Knie we draw attention to the exhibition “Mode Circus Knie” of the Textile Museum St. Gallen with flyers. With a nationwide campus marketing campaign we advertise UBS’s youth offer in vocational schools and high schools.

March – We use school advertising to inform scholars about the Careum educational centre’s information days. For the Volkshochschule beider Basel, advertise the wide range of courses on offer.

February – We run a poster campaign to draw attention to Gambling Night for Swiss Casinos. We mobilise voters for various political parties with posters and flyers for the 2019 elections to the Cantonal Council.

January – We start the new year with exclusive film promotion. for various filmmakers and film distributors at the 54th Solothurn Film Festival. For the Bank CLER, we stage their involvement in the Swiss Music Awards with a national postcard distribution.

For the third year in a row, we went on a road show for the bank UBS with a specially designed campaign and surprised students at various Swiss universities and colleges with free coffee and a great raffle at the start of the semester. In addition to a large-scale newspaper sampling at universities and, we took care of the entire Coffee shop road show including planning, organization and project management.


December – We launch a targeted gastro-advertising campaign for the Centre for Accident Prevention for wearing a helmet when skating on ice.

November – For EDELWEISS AIR we realize a Ethno advertising campaign.

October – Together with we organise a nationwide student campaign for the bank UBS. For LIDL we start a personnel recruitment campaign.

September – We advertise the charity event of the Zurich Lighthouse. Advertising campaign for the city of Lausanne to promote volunteer work.

August – We advertise the Digital Day 2018 with various ambient advertising measures.

July – Poster and flyer campaigns were implemented for numerous summer open air bars.

June – A campaign for the social security SVA was realised for the KV Lehre. For the national railways SBB a large poster campaign on construction sites at the Europaallee was staged.

May – For Médecins Sans Frontières several poster sujets were placed. The Wings for Life campaign was implemented for Red Bull.

April – A poster campaign was combined with a flyer distribution for the “500 Years of Reformation” celebrations.

March – For the airline GERMANIA we realized an ambient campaign.

February – For Rock the Ring we realized a big poster campaign.

January – We organise political advertising in various cantons and cities for various parties.

MIGROS has dedicated a special campaign to its classic iced tea in 2018: On people could vote for new flavours and fruit mixes, and with a little luck the new iced tea was added to the Migros range. In cooperation with MASANI. we realised the campaign offline with many beautifully designed postcards distribution.


December – For 30 Seconds to Mars we implement an eye-catching billposting campaign.

November – For PORSCHE we realized a targeted distribution of their luxury brochures.

October – For the largest CBD (Cannabis) producer in Switzerland we carried out a targeted flyer campaign. For SAMSUNG’s premium products, we did a stylish campaign in the largest cities of German-speaking Switzerland.

September – For Shakira’s concerts we realized an eye-catching poster campaign. For L’Oréal, we created a nightlife campaign around nightlife scenes, clubs and bars.

August – We organized film promotion at the Locarno Film Festival for numerous film distributors.

July – We advertise for open-air cinema 2017. PROPAGANDA Ltd. receives the Triple AAA Certificate. Only 2.5% of all Swiss companies achieve this.

June – We launch our website with a new design.

May – We implement a poster campaign for Feldschlösschen in the exit area. A nationwide youth campaign is implemented for AXE.

April – We launch our website in a new design. For ADIDAS we realise an ambient campaign in hundreds of football clubs.

March – For the non-profit organisation Action Innocence, we distributed the popular MASANI’s free postcards in French-speaking Switzerland.

February – For Lady Gaga we realized a very eye-catching poster campaign.

January – For the classical music concerts in the Tonhalle we were able to stage a broad poster advertising campaign.

For Ifolor we were allowed to go on a roadshow with an oversized travel book (open format 3.10 x 2.80 metres) with the most beautiful travel pictures, with stops in Lausanne, Bern and Zurich. In addition to working closely with the production company, we took care of all the planning, logistics, on-site support and follow-up work for the roadshow.


December – We were able to implement a successful campaign for Zurich Insurance.
November – For LIDL Switzerland we have realized an Out of Home campaign for personnel search.
October – For the women’s shelter *Frauenhaus” we did a targeted communication in connection with the “Days against violence against women”.
September – For the health insurance company HELSANA we implemented a national ambient media campaign, which involved very extensive constructions.
August – At the Locarno Film Festival, we advertise to the entire film industry with a firework of advertising measures.
July – The PROPAGANDA Customer Event 2016 took place at Zurich Lake and was a success. Culinary delights from Hiltl and the open air cinema on the lake delighted our customers. For NesTea, we are using standup paddles on Swiss lakes, and thus part of a large summer advertising campaign.
June – Numerous films advertise with targeted ambient marketing, with the result that the number of moviegoers is increasing rapidly.
May – The Swiss Salami producer Rapelli draws attention to itself with nationwide POS promotions with degustations. We designed and produced the entire shop in shop.
April – The Theater am Neumarkt was advertised with beautiful posters.
March – The start of the Streetfood Festival season was widely publicised with Ambient Media.
February – For Swisscom and their intelligent homes we did numerous promotions in robber costumes.
January – For Bligg we successfully promoted the mountain region of Graubünden, as well as the Mittelland from Biel to Zürich

In 36 cities in Switzerland we transformed public space into a huge training area for the health insurance company Helsana with individually designed large billboards under the motto “Committed to more exercise”. For example, a billboard by a lake became a badminton net, a small wall in the city a challenging balance exercise or a large billboard in the park a ping-pong table.


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Our customer event with Open Air Cinema was a great success.


December – Renaissance of MASANI’s Cards For Free the free postcards are extremely popular and are booked very often by different customers.
November – PROPAGANDA Ltd reports a very successful autumn 2015!
October – PROPAGANDA Ltd organize a witty guerrilla advertising campaign in Berne for the National Council elections of a political party.
September/August/July – The successful MASANI’s CARDS FOR FREE are booked by many customers and advertising agencies and show the great demand for attractive ambient advertising measures that come very close to the target group.
June – Ambient Media in its purest form: PROPAGANDA AG takes over the well-known brand MASANI’s Cards For Free, and with it an established national distribution network for the popular free postcards.
May – Urban poster campaign for American Apparel targeted to girls and young ladies.
April – We distribute the Jumbo handicraft catalogues to target groups.
March – Advertising for Zurich Insurance and for the cantonal council elections.
FebruaryFilm Promotion for the Solothurn Film Festival.
January – Instead of a sleepy January, we make a brilliant start into 2015.

Together with Bastian Baker, Swiss Post went on tour in October and November 2015 and organized seven public concerts through Switzerland. We supported the “Yellow Tour” in advance with a huge poster campaign throughout Switzerland and placed over 22,000 posters in all language regions of the land.


December – Ambient Media for the Swiss Ice Hockey Cup. National campaign for Samsungs smartphones and for the successful 77 Bombay Street
November – Advertising for the International Short Film Festival Winterthur.
October – Poster campaigns for the Radio 105 DJ Night and for the JazzNoJazz Festival.
September – Ambient Media for a Walt Disney movie start “Planes”.
August – Street marketing campaign for Ben&Jerrys. Successful film promotion at the Locarno Film Festival.
July – Awareness campaign for the organic farms of Switzerland.
June – National ethno advertising campaign for Western Union.
May – OOH Campaign for the opening of the new Hammam Bazaar.
April – BTL billposting for Red Bull.
March – Very successful presentation to marketing specialists in the Rote Fabrik “BIG IMPACT with Ambient Media”.
February – Winter promotions for the Samsung Galaxy Line.
January – Propaganda as advertising and media partner of the Solothurner Filmtage. Massive expansion of the flyer and poster network in Winterthur.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of ÖKK, we realized a logistical masterpiece for the insurance company. 10 promoters, who were on the road all over the country with ÖKK-branded Smart cars, delivered more than 1,000 “Sacher cakes” to potential SME corporate clients. The campaign was accompanied by a personalised direct mailing.


December – PROPAGANDA Ltd continues to expand. Purchase and takeover of the flyer and poster network of the company Correct Connect GmbH.
November – International Short Film Festival Winterthur marketing partner. Expansion of our network of locations in Winterthur.
October – National flyer campaign for Subwave. Promotions for Europaallee. Many Cards For Free campaigns for very different clients.
PROPAGANDA Ltd donates CHF 5,000.- to Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders, for their courageous commitment in war zones and to the poorest people in the world.
September – Campaign for the shop opening of New Yorker boutique. Expansion of our network of poster sites in Zurich.
August – Locarno Film Festival billboard campaign. Poster advertising for the ETH Zurich.
July – PROPAGANDA on expansion course: Expansion of our flyer and poster network in Winterthur.
June – Cards for Free for the non-profit CARITAS. Migros guerrilla poster tagging campaign.
May – Poster campaign for Medecins sans Frontieres.
April – Sampling promotions for the international Basel World. Numerous Cards For Free campaigns.
March – Ambient marketing for the launch of the LikeMag.
February – Lebara Mobile Ethnoresearch and campaign. Flyer advertising for the travel agency TUI.
January – Solothurner Filmtage 2013 campaign. Massive expansion of our flyer dispenser network.

In order to draw the attention of boat or water sports enthusiasts of all ages to the Suisse Nautic Messe in Berne, our promoters, dressed in wetsuits, diving goggles and flippers, distributed flyers and free tickets at well-frequented locations in the centre of Berne and Zurich.


DecemberCampus Advertisement and youth campaign for Orange Communication.
November – Promotion for the Winterthur public service company. Promotion for the known Swiss brand Victorinox.
October – Ambient marketing for Swisscom’s fibre optic network expansion.
September – Student campaign for Credit Suisse Bank CS.
August – National youth marketing campaign for the telecom provider Sunrise.
July – Purchase and takeover of the company Teilchen, specialist for low budget marketing.
June – POS promotions for the Swiss salami producer Rapelli.
May – Ambient campaign for the airline Vueling.
April – Cards for free for the Sport Brand Converse.
March – Numerous successful campaigns for different clubs.
February – Poster campaign for GREENPEACE.
January – Targeted ambient campaign and winter sports promotion for Raiffeisen Bank.
PROPAGANDA AG donates CHF 10,000.- to a children and youth project in Kingston, Jamaica.

For the product launch of Nokia Lumia we supported Mobilezone with a large live marketing campaign. In front of selected stores big ice blocks with frozen phones were placed to motivate passers-by to try to free the phones from the ice with any objects (no professional or dangerous tools) for one minute at a time. The winner received a new Nokia Lumia smartphone.


December – Poster campaign for Orange telecom Stores. Advertising for Zurich Airport.
November – Ambient marketing for the new Nokia N9 smartphone.
October – Poster campaign for Kelloggs.
September – Poster campaign for BMW Mini “Wanted”. Sampling for Lenovo Thinkpad.
August – Campaign for the launch of the new daily newspaper “20 Minuti” in Ticino.
July – Advertising for the Energy 2011 Party.
June – Boom in the print sector: we distribute 16 different print titles.
May – Advertising for numerous festivals. Ambient media campaign for Coca Cola and for Adidas.
April – Advertising for the Sonntags-Zeitung.
MarchGastro advertisement on beer mats for the new Hangover2 movie.
February – Campaign for the Swiss Youth Film Festival.
January – Poster advertising for numerous political parties for the cantonal council elections.

We implemented a trade fair promotion for Microsofts “Dynamics” Software at the Topsoft fair in the Zurich Exhibition Centre. Our promoters distributed competition vouchers to visitors and exhibitors and motivated them to participate. The prize was an exclusive flight in a “Hunter” warplane.
Voucher flyers for the online Flight Finder “Fly Baboo” were handed out to students throughout French-speaking Switzerland.


December – Ambient Media for the Swisscom Vivo campaign.
November – Targeted promotion for children for the World Wildlife Found WWF.
October – National campaign for Sony VAIO lifestyle notebooks.
September – Promotion for Migros M Budget. Cards For Free for the Wochenzeitung WoZ.
August – Promotion for numerous open air festivals. Poster advertising for the Street Parade Zurich.
July – Billpostings for the Richterswil beach party and for Energy 2010.
June – Football club advertisement for Nike. Numerous promotional assignments at open air festivals. Switzerland-wide advertising for various public viewings.
May – The cultural scene continues to boom. The festival season begins. Ambient campaign for H&M.
April – Two new airline clients and two car brands, entrust us with their orders.
March – New clients from the club and cultural sector. Some Cards For Free campaigns.
January and February – Very good start to 2010 with numerous new advertising orders.

To support a POS poster for MAOAM, our promoters stopped in front of selected bathing facilities and lakesides in various cities in German-speaking Switzerland and distributed over 10’000 inflatable MAOAM cube cushions and 15’000 fruity MAOAM chewy sweets to visitors.


December – promotion for the Beatles Remastered CD.
November – Campaign for the “Mieterverband” Zurich.
October – Switzerland-wide promotion for the controversial exhibition “Körperwelten”.
September – Airport propaganda for the Swisscom roaming offer.
August – Promotion for Medecins Sans Frontieres.
July – Start of the festival season with numerous cultural advertising assignments.
June – Different Cards for Free orders.
May – Ambient Media for the national MIGROS Sticker Mania campaign.
April – Airport campaign for British Airways.
March – Numerous new mandates for local cultural organizers.
February – Promotions for Amplifon hearing aids.
January – We launch AIRPORT PROPAGANDA, the new advertising channel at Zurich and Geneva International Airports.

For HAKLE we were allowed to support the campaign “For the love of your bottom” with various advertising channels in the Alpamare Waterpark. Large figures were placed in the entrance area of the Alpamare and in the start area of the water slide. The campaign was completed with various floor stickers. To ensure long-term visibility, the Alpamare swimming tyres were also branded with the customer logo and visitors were welcomed with a give-away and flyer.


December – Start of the EWZ campaign to save electricity.
November – Ambient Media campaign for LEVIS with various street marketing activities.
October – Targeted campaigns in German-speaking Switzerland for the Sonntags-Zeitung.
September – We distributes 12,000 portions of fresh milk as a “Zmorge action” in Train stations all over Switzerland.
August – Targeted campaign for Betterhomes.
July – PROPAGANDA Ltd promotes Swiss Lotto with a mobile mini-lottery in numerous cities.
JuneUniversity advertising campaign for the telecom provider Sunrise.
May – PROPAGANDA Ltd advertises the new KUONI flagship store at Zurich’s Bellevue with a sampling campaign.
April – Student campaign for NOKIA’s new music mobile phones.
March – Several promotions for the retailer DENNER.
February – PROPAGANDA Ltd advertises throughout Switzerland with a cool ambient campaign for
January – We send 29 divers in diving suits out onto the streets in 9 cities for the travel agency Helvetic Tours.

For the Electricity of Zurich EWZ we went out on the streets with power strip, energy saving lamp, coffee machine and washing machine as “Sandwichman” to promote the new “green energy” and teach how to save energy.


December – We successfully advertise a new non-smoking product from Pfizer. Ambient Media for the weekly newspaper WoZ.
November – We advertise the winter collections of the 2 leading jeans manufacturers Lee Cooper and Levi Strauss.
October – National poster campaign for NOKIA’s new mobile phones.
September – We promote the musical Africa Africa. We distribute the new SI Style magazine for Ringier.
August – We expand our vehicle fleet and buy 4 new cars.
July – PROPAGANDA Ltd advertises with several national poster campaigns for the Volkswagen Beatle, for Wrigley chewing gum, for Swisscom Napster, for Sunrise Yallo and the sporty “Cool and Clean” campaign.
June – We advertise with beautiful cards for free for Max Havelaar.
May – PROPAGANDA Ltd promotes IKEA’s new fabric collection, with a large installation and promotions at HB Zurich
April – We alunch an Ambient campaign for Cablecom Highspeed Internet.
March – We advertise Microsoft’s new Windows operating system.
February – PROPAGANDA Ltd promotes 1818, the directory assistance service.
January – Campaigns for Hotelplan, Schwarzkopf, Cablecom and Buena Vista, among others. Expansion of our successful cooperation with 20 Minuten.

For HP (Hewlett Packard), we used a special Ambient Media campaign at universities and ETH to encourage students to buy a notebook and its components. The campaign was a complete success: For a mini-budget, we were able to achieve sales of over 1.25 million with campus advertising .


December – After a university advertising campaign the notebook sales of our customer HP explodes. It’s like Christmas already.
November – Advertising orders for Swisscom, for Warner Bros, the NZZ and the Polyball.
October – Ambient campaigns for MIGROS and for Unique Airport.
September – the trend continues: numerous customers leave our competitors (do they have a problem?) and switch to PROPAGANDA Ltd. We diligently train new employees and new promoters.
August – numerous important customers of our competitors switch to PROPAGANDA Ltd.
July – Another advertising contract from the People’s Republic of China.
June – Propaganda distributes 12’000 sunflowers to passers-by for the EWZ.
May – The Ambient Media presentation and course by our CEO at the commercial school KV Zurich was a real success.
April – Campus advertising for the University of Zurich and for Swiss Airlines.
March – Advertising contract from the People’s Republic of China to promote tourism.
February – National Gastro advertising campaign for Novartis: we distribute 3.5 million sugar sachets to target groups.
January – Poster advertising campaign for Charles Voegele.

With a guerrilla campaign of a special kind, we were able to draw attention to Groupe E‘s sustainable electricity supply in French-speaking Switzerland. In a night action, we converted parking lots into animated playgrounds with live lawn. The campaign was PR-edited together with the local media, and attracted a lot of kids and their moms.


December – Student campaign for the telecommunications provider Orange
November – Flyer campaign for AIDS Hilfe Schweiz.
October – PROPAGANDA Ltd donates CHF 10’000.- for emergency aid to the earthquake victims in Pakistan.
September – Ambient Media and Gastro advertising for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.
August – Targeted flyer campaign for Piaggio scooters in front of schools.
July – Guerrilla Poster campaign for the Swiss launch of the Apple iPod.
June – Ambient Media for the launch of 20 Minuten in St. Gallen and Eastern Switzerland.
May – PROPAGANDA Ltd strengthens its team with two marketing specialists as new employees.
April – 5 different campaigns for 5 different music labels.
March – PROPAGANDA Ltd strengthens his team with two new employees.
February – Promotions and ambient campaign for McDonalds.
January – Youth marketing for SONY Ericson mobile phones.

Disguised as the five big animals of Africa, our promoters drew attention to the low-cost flight offer of South African Airways and South Africa as an attractive travel destination. From young to old were happy about the special sampling promotion, and the customers ticket sales rose sharply.


December – PROPAGANDA Ltd donates CHF 10,000.- for the victims of the terrible Tsunami disaster in Indonesia and Sri Lanka.
November – Launch of the campaign for our Frequent Flyer Program.
October – Campaign for FORD Automobile.
September – Youth campaign for the PET recycling.
August – Numerous advertising campaigns at the Streetparade.
July – Poster campaign for Tamedia’s Jobwinner website.
June – International street marketing campaign for CK Watch in 10 European countries.
May – We move from District 6 to Kreis 4, at Hardstrasse 69: with over 600 m2 of space and an ideal situation for our logistics.
April – Preparations for the big move.
March – PROPAGANDA Ltd strengthens its team with a strong new sales employee.
February – National Ethno marketing campaign for Western Union.
January – Poster campaign for Radio NRJ.

IKEA organised a press conference at HB for the launch of the new dog product line. In order to show the invited journalists the new pets products in action, to generate great content for magazines and TV and to cause a stir among passers-by with the live dog promotion, we organised a striking dog parade through Zurichs Bahnhofstrasse with 60 dog owners, and in Lausanne with 30 dogs.